Privacy Policy

This document relates to Shirenewton Playgroup and Webfactory LTD who will ultimately be the holder of this information. Outlined below is the data we collect, share and store though our website. When the information collected is no longer needed to be stored we will remove it.

What information do we collect?

  • Contact details.
  • We store information about our website's traffic.
  • We store information generated by our website forms.

Why we collect this information

  • We require your contact details to respond to your enquiries.
  • We store information about our website's traffic to helps us to get reports on our website's performance. It also helps us our website provider resolve issues with our website should any occur. This includes IP addresses and information about the users browser and the origin of their visit to your website.
  • We store information generated by our website forms with Webfactory LTD for diagnostic purposes and additional redundancy should form data not be received at our email address. This information is held for one year and is then deleted.

How do we secure the information?

  • Our website information is on the Webfactory LTD Server located within the EU and provided by Amazon Web Services.
  • Our website is secured by SSL connections meaning that no one can intercept anything you send us.
  • Access to your information is limited to only essential personnel.

Who do we share the information with?

  • We do share website traffic data ad form data with Webfactory LTD who are the providers of our website.