My son will know his peers, or some of them, when he starts school. Very nice friendly staff and management. (2017/2018)

Friendly and always lots of activities for the children. Great they do some cooking activities and my daughter enjoys the Nature garden. (2017/2018)

The structure of the sessions, teaching my child that there are rules and to respect one another is very important and this seems to be done very well. My child seems very happy with all of the staff and he really enjoys playgroup. (2017/2018)

I am confident that my child is happy and safe when she comes to playgroup. The routines are good, the staff are approachable and have good relationships with the children. My child talks about the activities she has done when she comes home ie: craft activities and stories she has been told. Lately, new resources have gone into the playgroup to make the environment more interesting. My daughter has progressed in her number skills recently due to the activities she does in playgroup. (2017/2018)

The location, staff and curriculum are all great. My daughter doesn't realise she is learning - she loves going and playing with her friends. She loves all her "Teachers" who are patient and encouraging. We are lucky with the outdoor learning park as well as the apparatus park in close proximity. (2017/2018)

Happy relaxed atmosphere both my children have told me they enjoy (2017/2018)

My child enjoys this playgroup very much. She likes her friends she has made and the staff. The playgroup has good structure to prepare the children for the next step - big school, but it also gives them the chance to play. (2017/2018)

Relaxed, professional care. (2017/2018)

My son is very happy at the Playgroup. I've seen such development with his speech, he's more independent and confident. I'm really happy and have no further improvement suggestions. Just keep up the good work! (2017/2018)

My child loves attending and it's always a pleasure dropping her off knowing she is well cared for. (2017/2018)

My child is always happy to go into playgroup and always talks positively about her experiences. The staff are friendly and approachable. The environment is well organised and good routines in place. My child has brought home lots of craft activities which she obviously has enjoyed doing. Staff have responded positively to any concerns that I have had and made an effort to address those concerns. It's good to get the regular updates about what the children have been doing by email. (2017/2018)

My child is very happy there and enjoys going. (2017/2018)

We like the staff, the variety of activities, there is a good space in the hall and it's light and airy. The information about planning is good and to know what they've been doing. (2017/2018)

We like the friendly atmosphere, a good range of activities which vary each week, whilst also keeping a sense of consistency which my child likes (2017/2018)

We are thrilled at how well our child has settled - this is due to the wonderful environment he is in, made up of lovely, helpful and caring staff and the resources available to him. (2017/2018)

It is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where my child is settled and enjoys learning without realising she is. (2017/2018)

I like that the children develop some independence in their personal skills. (2017/2018)

The organised weekly activities and topics give parents something to work on and talk about outside of the playgroup environment (2017/2018)

My child found it very easy to settle in and tells us that he is comfortable with his teachers. (2017/2018)

We are happy with the communication between teachers and parents. (2017/2018)