We absolutely love this Playgroup and more importantly so does my son. I love the way the children are greeted every morning and the structure they have to their day. They learn through play in the best possible way. The staff are truly caring, wonderful women. (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

My son has recently joined and we are very happy with how he has settled. Staff are friendly and supportive. Provision and activities are varied and personalised. (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

My daughter is very happy. She always goes into Playgroup smiling. Staff are friendly and
communicative. They will always let you know if there is an issue. The environment is well organised and the routines are well established. My daughter has progressed really well socially since starting. The children have lots of space outside to play in. It's great to see the introduction of new activities, such as woodwork! (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

I like the size of the group - it's not too large, so my son doesn't feel overwhelmed. He feels happy there and it's helped to increase his confidence. I like the fact that they are able to spend time outside in the open air. Also it feels like attention is given to each child and it's nice to get feedback on what they have done during the sessions. (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

It's a small, friendly group, with well rounded play and learning experiences provided. A perfect setting for her to make good friends with the children she will go to school with. I know she really enjoys the yoga elements you've been doing too. (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

A lovely environment for my son to learn and play. He's very happy, thank you. (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

I like it's warm and welcoming staff, the clear communications and the effort made to include Welsh
(Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

Caring and professional staff (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

I like the framework in preparing my daughter for Reception and the kindness & engagement of staff towards pupils (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

I like the opportunities to go outside and the range of activities (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)

It's fab! (Parent Questionnaire Spring 2019)