A very happy, safe, caring environment where the children are able to paricipate in a wide and varied range of activities to help them develop, grow and build their confidence. (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

It is a wonderful set up which is always very child focussed. There are lots of different activities. My child never comes home with a negative attitude and I particularly like the practical things they do, such as woodworking. (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

The staff are caring and helpful and there is lots of different activities to do, including celebrating different cultures. My child loves going to playgroup and it has a beautiful outside space. (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

My little girl absolutely loves every minute of playgroup. The staff are so friendly and welcoming and they make every child feel special and valued. There is a fantastic range of activities for the children. I am so grateful to have this facility in our village. (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

The staff are caring and professional. It's a great active learning environment for literacy, arts, crafts, music, dance, exploring the natural world, outdoor play, culture related activities etc. They have wonderful initiatives to support kid's healthy lifestyles. Comforting and friendly space and facilities. (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

We have enjoyed the addition of the WhatsApp group with photos of what the children have been doing and the chance to engage with other parents and staff, which is now limited when we are at pick up and drop off due to COVID, so thank you for that. (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

We love how welcoming everyone is
(Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

I like the support and communication, the range of activities and the very caring staff (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)

I just want to thank you for all the time and efforts you have taken to keep everyone informed and resssured. You have been an anchor is a storm. Thank you and to all your staff. The care at Playgroup is just exceptional (Parent comment during COVID 2020)

We hope that you and the team are well and manage to navigate things in these uncertain times. Thanks for you and your team being so great with my daughter, we know she has the best time (Parent Comment during COVID 2020)

We love the friendly staff, excellent space and facilities. It does not feel crowded, it feels like a small group where the children are heard and involved. (Parent Questionnaire - March 2021)